• Chloe Williams

Our Silence Needs to Stop.

Today looks a lot different than the day I wrote my first blog on December 24th, 2019.

In that blog, entitled: A General Introduction to a Ten Year Journey, I challenged the few people who would read it to take on this decade with bullhorns and a quest.

Writing this blog, it’s April 29th, 2020, and all I can feel is that I am one hundred and twenty days behind.

This year has been one of the strangest I have ever endured in my lifetime. I’m not allowed to leave my house, and I’ve found myself in a lukewarm position on the matter.

I don’t specifically miss school, but I miss putting on my shoes in the morning.

I don’t miss the sun, but I miss the way light-colored pavement reflects it back to me.

I have found myself on multiple occasions feeling completely and utterly unmotivated. I’ve stopped seeing myself as a vegetarian. I now see vegetarianism as an external entity to which I am morally obligated to uphold.

Living this way is difficult,

And it’s unnecessarily easy to slip into going to bed too late, waking up five minutes before my online classes, watching T.V. at lunch, and not eating a real meal until dinner.

We have to stop this madness!

We need to imagine ourselves walking away from this pandemic in x amount of time, and being able to say,

“I am farther along in my journey than I was on March 11th, 2020, when the world shut down.”

Because as time ticks by, we are exponentially taking steps backward.

We need to push past this rut, and tap into our eternal spring of productivity and willpower.

Our silence needs to stop, because people are surely more susceptible to listen when they are bored on their couches.

Climate change is still an issue.

Animal abuse is still an issue.

Immigrants being held in cages at the border during an infectious pandemic IS STILL AN ISSUE.

We need to stop waiting, and begin screaming from our windows, rooftops, and to the people six feet away from us,

We have no time to wait out a pandemic.

Our action needs to continue,

and Our silence needs to stop.

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