• Chloe Williams

How Fast are You Willing to Run?

I want to go to Harvard.

I watch these videos on youtube ‘A day in the life of a Harvard Student’, ‘Tour my Harvard Sorority’, and I feel my heart well up with an indescribable feeling- a feeling of hope for the future.

I can see the dining halls with the stained glass windows, and the colorful chairs dotting the grassy lawn.

But every time, my heart drains when I remember it might not happen.

I see all of these activists talking about how “we have a deadline.” I hear them when they say that we need to throw away our hope and “panic as if our house is on fire.”

I’m like the majority of the population, I cannot visualize what these climate activists outline in their speeches on high their podiums.

What I’ve realized is that people will only believe what is convenient for them.

If someone’s house is proverbially on fire, they are not going to run out of it screaming.

In May of 2019, I went vegetarian, in June, I started my climate change account, and in December, I started this blog.

Not because I could see what is coming in vivid detail,

but because these scientifically backed conclusions threatened the future that I have hoped for with a thrilling passion.

In fact, I don’t think most of us can possibly imagine what we are doing to our future grandchildren.

It’s absolutely unfathomable, and too high in the clouds for us to clearly see.

The difference between those who will not act, and those who are working to preserve a future of quality, is that we listened to the voices whispering:

‘You will not have a future to progress to.’

Just the very thought of something threatening our future was motivation enough.

So here I ask you, what do you love so dearly, you would do anything for?

And here I tell you, climate change is dangling it off the edge of a cliff, threatening to let go.

How fast are you willing to run?

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